"John Crane provides excellent service. He has been a real estate attorney for over 20 years and is incredibly efficient and diligent. I've seen him receive a deal sheet at 4:29 PM and get the contracts out at 5:17 PM."
Lauren J.
"Oh my God! John and his staff are amazing. He handles everything with charm and elegance. I used him to probate my mom's estate and to sell the home. I did nothing but sign papers. He even drove to my home because I had a knee injury and could not take the subway to Manhattan to meet at his office. Two days before the closing, he told me everything that would happen and went over all the finances. He arrived at the closing with pre-printed checks and they were already copied. We were in and out of the closing in less than an hour. His staff is also professional and so helpful. Odette is like speaking with your caring aunt. Jennifer is always cheerful and if you have lost your mom, a patient and caring staff is very important. I also used John to purchase a condominium and he again came through with flawless performance. I gave John power of attorney and wired the money into his escrow account. A week before closing, I called Jennifer to ask how everything was and she sent me over their closing memorandum. They had all the numbers a week ahead of time. John texted me from the closing and said everything was going smooth, and within one hour from the time he said it would start, he texted me a copy of the deed and said everything was done. He gave me closing binders with all documents organized for both closings and was always, ALWAYS available to take my calls, even if all I wanted was to hear that everything was okay! I highly recommend John and his staff to anyone that is too busy to have to babysit your attorney and just want to ensure that everything is done correctly and with minimal stress and inconvenience."
Jean D.
"I had already moved out of NYC when I got an accepted offer on my condo. I read the reviews of John and figured I would call. I asked him what his fee was and he said "that is really probably the least important question you could ask" and he was right. John proceeded to explain that he could save me money because I could give him power of attorney and not have to fly back for the closing. He also asked my plans for the money. I had the fake sales attitude up and said: "why is that any of your business" and I got a 20-minute education that probably saved me 350,000 in taxes! Do not do what I did and look for a cheap attorney! All real estate attorneys are not the same. Despite my stupid questions, John patiently explained a 1031 exchange when I told him I would probably invest the money in a property in Nevada where I moved. John set up a conference call with my financial advisor and I and brilliantly explained how I could pay a little tax on money I wanted to keep liquid and invest the rest in a 1031 and defer the bulk of the capital gains tax until some time in the future. As a CPA, I knew about 1031's but didn't want to deal with tenants. John listened to me say I walk with a walker and patiently suggested a professional property manager and everything just clicked. He handled everything from start to finish and I was updated with every occurrence. Both he and his staff were absolutely professional and John wired money to my bank and the rest to the 1031 company so that everything was ready for my Nevada purchase. I have already referred my best friend and her son and will continue to send everyone in NY that I know that says they are buying or selling. I paid John $3,500 and honestly, his service was worth double. When I told him I couldn't walk too good and my mailbox was at the end of the driveway, he sent everything by Fed Ex directly to my door. His service was really that exceptional!"
"John helped me purchase my first home in New York City, which can be a very confusing and overwhelming process, but he was there with me every step of the way to be sure it went smoothly and to be sure that I understood. He is extremely thorough, and him and his team are very responsive. I am grateful that I found him and I would definitely work with him again."
Raechel B.
"John helped me through the process of purchasing my first home in New York City, which can be a very confusing and overwhelming process. I was anxious, but he was there with me every step of the way to be sure it went smoothly and to be sure that I understood. He is extremely thorough and responsive, and he helped me get the best outcome. It was a pleasure to work with him and his entire team. I am SO grateful that I found him, and I would definitely work with him again. Thanks, John!"
A Satisfied Client
"My husband and I just completed the home buying process and could not be happier with the partnership we had with John Crane. His professional, knowledgeable, and gregarious demeanor put our anxiety to rest about the daunting process of buying a home. John answered our countless questions and explained each step of the process, breaking it down to easily understand. He was always there anytime we called or emailed and communication was seamless. We could not recommend John Crane more! Thanks, John!"
Sarah S.
"I was going out of the country and selling my condo. I called John and told him I had to move quickly. John suggested closing by Power of Attorney. Reading his reviews on Avvo, and actually talking to him, I felt immediately comfortable. Within 30 minutes, John had sent over a Power of Attorney, which I took to my bank and had notarized. John prepared and sent out the contracts within 45 minutes of my agent sending John the deal sheet. I have sold 7 properties and never saw an attorney move that fasts. John and his assistant Lisa kept me informed every step of the way. If I sent John an email, he responded promptly, often immediately. I also would text him from overseas through WhatsApp and usually got replies within a minute. John sent me a breakdown of the closing two days before the closing occurred. He is that prepared! He sent me emails from the closing with updates. Within 4 hours of the closing, I had received a wire in the UK for over $2,000,000 representing the net proceeds I was expecting. John Crane was actually worth double what I paid him...but don't send me a bill!"
Phil R.
"John was so helpful during the purchase of my condo investment property. I've heard the saying, "What separates a good attorney from a bad attorney? A good attorney answers their phone." This could not be more true. Being my first real estate investment property I had specific questions about resale, taxes, zoning, 1031, etc and John was able to field them all or point me in the right direction. Look forward to working together again soon."
A Satisfied Client
"The reason why we decided to use John's services in purchasing our first home was the initial phone conversation. We were calling to ask for his quote and it turned into a 30 minute conversation about the entire home buying experience. That level of detail and taking the time out for potential clients spoke volumes. John and his office were great throughout the entire process and kept us updated every step of the way!"
"All I can say is working with John is like going to the spa. You end up so relaxed! I called John's office, asked to speak with him, and his assistant put me on hold for about 10 seconds. A male picks up the phone and with a raspy type voice says "this is John Crane, how can I help you?" I then got to explain to him that I was selling a condo on the upper west side that I had not been living in for the last couple of years and was going to buy something else. Without hesitating, John asked if I had ever heard of a 1031 exchange, explained it to me, and had me motivated to purchase not only one but two additional units so that I could have a primary and rental income. John then explained his process and how he was different, mentioning how he frequently closes for people overseas by Power of Attorney so that I did not have to worry about coming back for the closing. He even made a joke about how I would save more on airfare than he would charge in fees...which turned out to be true! Simply put, John kept me informed at every step of the way. He has an instinct (or maybe it is 20 years experience) in that every email he sent was either important or perfectly timed just to say "the only reason you haven't heard from me is because nothing is going on". My girlfriend (who is a real estate agent) wanted me to use some fancy firm. I called to speak to the attorney and was told that he would call me back. The following day his "associate" called me back and said he would be handling the account. After John explained 1031, I asked this attorney about 1031, and he said: "you don't qualify because it was your primary residence and you never rented it out." John spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me that first time and I could not even get the fancy "partner" to pick up my call or call me back. I think this is what differentiates John from other law firms. It isn't just business, it is personal and caring. The associate at the other firm made it clear I was a "customer", "his partner was busy" and that they would make time for me when I had a contract that they could make money from. In making my decision, I called John back and he again got on the phone. He also called a 1031 company and had a conference call so that we could explain my situation and the owner of the company could verify that because I didn't live in the condo for the prior couple of years, that it would qualify for 1031 because it was now viewed as an investment property as John had said. Needless to say, I selected John and his service was far superior to anything I have ever experienced. I knew what my expenses were well before each closing. He gave me his cell number and instructed me to text him. When I explained I would be out of the country a lot of the time, and asked if he would use What's App, he immediately agreed and I had an almost instant line of communication with him. The fancy firm quoted me a price of $3,750 and John's price, including 1031 was $3,250 per transaction. He delivered more than I could ever have expected, was always professional and did everything ahead of schedule. John is as trustworthy as I could ever expect. His staff is very well trained and personable, but I had John's cell and never really spoke to the staff. They would send me emails and wiring instructions and make sure everything was on track at all times, but when you work with John, you get John and honestly, I just finished an estate proceeding with another firm and I can really see the level of service John delivers when comparing it to another firm. All 3 transactions were unbelievably successfully done and I cannot thank John enough."
"The due diligence was thorough and everything went very smoothly after I gave John the power of attorney. But what truly amazed me was how responsive John is. There was never a single worry about why he hasn't replied, because he writes me back in 10 minutes all the time! I'm now writing this review from my newly-purchased UWS apartment, and being very grateful for finding John through Avvo."
"John provided an outstanding service on the closure of our property in Manhattan. Based in the UK we were looking for a lawyer that responded quickly and made the whole process easy and efficient. The whole process was made so easy by Johns outstanding level of service, attention to detail and working with multiple parties to ensure a fast and easy process. A true advocate of putting clients first and understanding their unique situation. John is a delight to work with."
Tony R.
"John is not only the most honest lawyer I have ever met, but his customer service is really on the same level as going to Le Bernardin or Bloomingdales. He really does go out of his way to make you feel as if your matter is the only matter he has. My family member left a home in disrepair. Not only did John arrange to find a plumber, contractor, and get the home salable, but he also handled everything with the humor and grace I needed in such a difficult time. John handled the real estate transaction as flawlessly as others here have mentioned, giving me all necessary updates. However, it is John's personality that truly separates him from most other people on the planet. I have worked with many very competent attorneys, and while John is extremely competent, it is the feeling that he cares that makes John special. I most highly recommend John Crane for any probate matter to anyone that wants to work with a patient counselor that actually cares and appreciates old fashioned customer service, or as John calls it, a concierge level of service."
"I have worked with John Crane as co-counsel on various legal projects for many years, as well as directly referred many of my own clients to him. John's expertise and professionalism are unmatched. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and all clients whom I have referred to him have been extremely pleased with his services. I cannot recommend John enough for any type of Real Estate and/or Commercial Litigation services in the New York City area. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and truly an outstanding attorney."
"I recently purchased a home in Staten Island and John Crane was a tremendous asset! I found him through Avvo and this was my first transaction with him. He definitely delivered on all of his promises and was very responsive to any questions throughout the entire process. I live in Florida and although I wasn't able to make it to the closing, John and his team were very accommodating and made sure everything went smoothly. I have dealt with numerous attorneys and buyer's agents in the past, but John Crane was easily the best I've encountered. The level of professionalism and customer service he provides cannot be beaten. I would definitely hire him again out for any NY real estate transaction."
"I was buying a commercial property and John caught the fact there was an open permit for a laundromat that had been operating for over 12 years. I was going to close but John insisted the seller close out the permit. Over 4 months later, the Seller got all approvals at a cost of almost $20,000. John is the real deal and I saved many times what his legal fee was! He has all my business."
"I used John Crane as my attorney when I sold my home. My accountant had told me before I ever contacted John that I could not do a 1031 exchange. Within the first five seconds of speaking with John for the first time, he assured me that my accountant was wrong and set up a conference call with the Qualified Intermediary who confirmed the fact that I was eligible to do the 1031 exchange. Although the sale of my home involved evicting a holdover tenant, and a buyer that had financing issues, John handled everything with calm and a sense of humor. He was able to respond to any question I had promptly. John had a way of explaining things that made me stay calm and minimized my stress. My closing was an absolute breeze. John was thoroughly prepared and explained everything to me so that I was aware of how this transaction would impact my 1031 exchange. Naturally, I used John for the purchase of my new Manhattan condo as well. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to promptly review all of the condominium documents, the contract of sale and even prepare a rider modifying certain terms so that they were more favorable to me. When it came time for me to sign the contracts, John was busy that day and in order not to stall the process, went above and beyond in enabling me to sign the contracts and return them with the down payment so that my bank could expedite the loan application. In fact, the best way to describe it is to quote what I wrote to John in an e-mail, "I am very impressed with your flexibility in making things work despite your schedule. You don't stop the flow in the process. You find solutions to overcome obstacles together with a relaxed approach that it makes difficult situations seem easy when in reality it is very difficult." I am very happy with every contact I have had with John and his staff. I could not imagine anything they could have done to make either transaction smoother."
"I read John's reviews and was shocked when I called his office and his assistant told me to hold on. Within a minute, John picked up the phone. I told him I was selling my coop and needed to do things quickly because I would be leaving the country. With a bit of humor, he said "why does that worry you" and suggested closing by power of attorney. When John sent me the contracts to sign, he also enclosed a power of attorney. It could not have been simpler. John and his staff handled everything from start to finish, and I received an email after the closing indicating that a wire had been sent to me in the Middle East for almost 2 Million Dollars. Trustworthy, on top of things, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot describe how simple it is to work with John and his staff."
"There is nothing I can say that will do justice to what John Crane actually does for a client. I was selling my condo in Manhattan and within 30 minutes of my Realtor sending John and I an email introducing each other, John personally called to introduce himself. Within the next hour, John sent out an email to the buyer's attorney with the Contract of Sale already prepared and attached. The buyer's attorney returned the contracts on a Monday and John had called me the same morning to say he had them. I was leaving for Europe that afternoon for two months and could not get into Manhattan to meet John. I live in New Rochelle and was worried that the deal would die if I did not sign. John stated that he put in a clause that permitted signing by electronic signatures and that he could prepare a Power of Attorney for me to sign as well for the closing, but that he needed the original. I told him that I had a notary in my family and could get the document notarized right away. John explained he had another closing that afternoon in the Bronx and that he would come by my home and pick up the original documents. I explained I had to leave by 2 pm and could not wait. This was at 11 am. By 12:30, a man in a suit was walking up my driveway. John Crane had taken the train to his home, picked up his car and drove from NYC to Westchester in order to pick up my contract and power of attorney. While this might be personal service, over the next two months, John went even further. He was able to get my payoff letter even though I wasn't there to speak to the lender and I was updated by email so that I felt fully informed. After the closing, John emailed to tell me it was over and I explained that I would be returning in two weeks. John offered to wire the money into my bank account and within a few hours, I had all of the money I had been expecting without any of the stress of attending a closing. His post-closing work was even more superb. I received a binder with copies of all documents, organized and tabbed so that the entire closing was perfectly understandable even though I was not there. I have recommended two family members to John and while their deals are still ongoing, they are equally impressed. I have used litigation attorneys, estate attorneys, corporate attorneys, and real estate attorneys. John really delivers customer service at a level that surpasses your wildest expectations. Add to that the fact that he has a vast amount of NYC real estate experience and you have one tremendous attorney!"
"My sister and I are first-time homeowners but John made the whole process so smooth that it felt like it was our 10th or 11th purchase. He guided us every step of the way keeping us well-informed. He is available via text/email round the clock and he responds to your questions right away. Not only did he help us with the closing, he also gave us great recommendations on home insurance, mortgage loans, and everything that we needed to secure our home. I would highly recommend John M. Crane for all real-estate related issues. We look forward to working with him again in the future. He is definitely your guy if you want a highly organized, detail-oriented and above all friendly and approachable attorney to represent you. He will make you feel like your case is his number one priority with no delay in his dealings. It was a great pleasure working with you, John."
"I referred John Crane to a dear friend for a closing and he was extremely knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process. I believe he's handled more than 2000+ closings and even taught on the topic! Because he is trustworthy and instructive and very personable, I will continue to refer John to anyone for anything and without reservation, recommend his services!"
"I was looking for a fresh start and John Crane delivered! He met with me and calmed me down. I was nervous and worried about judgments and credit card bills. He explained everything and gave me a list of the exact documents I needed. He told me the website to take the credit counseling classes and answered all my questions. When I was confused about how to answer a question, he simply made an appointment, looked over my documents and personally prepared my petition with me. I never met with a paralegal or assistant, only John. My meeting of creditors went exactly like he said it would, and I finally have no more collection calls and am rebuilding my life! Thank you for getting my life back for me. I most highly recommend John to everyone in financial trouble. He will tell you the truth with patience and treat you with respect."
"John really supported and guided us on our long road to home ownership. He was always helpful with any questions we had and took as much time was needed until we understood the matter at hand. He made this a great learning experience for us."
"I used John when I faced foreclosure. I had been out of work and couldn't pay. John stopped the foreclosure and successfully got me a loan modification fixed for the life of the loan. More importantly, he calls back! The attorney I used when I purchased the home would not call back for 2 or 3 days. John always called back, sometimes within the hour."