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We are a law firm that focuses on real estate transactions. We enable busy professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best and provide them with a way to effortlessly buy and sell real estate. By entrusting the entire process to us, you eliminate all of the things typically required of a buyer or seller that cause most people stress! Our process allows clients to minimize their involvement and enables them to use this time saved to engage in more profitable activities without the fear of missed deadlines.

Many of our past clients have found that our service enables them to earn much more than they pay us as a legal fee. Our Platinum Property Transfer System permits you to defer the questions of the Realtor, Loan Officer, and other third parties to us, as your single point of contact. We then communicate with you, in the manner you choose, on a regular basis as you may direct. If you want updates every time something happens, we provide instantaneous updates in a manner that you direct… Read More

Introduction to John M. Crane

John M. Crane believes in helping his clientele with real estate transactions. His main aim is to enable entrepreneurs and busy professionals with their hectic schedules so that they can focus on what they do best and meanwhile provide them with a way to effortlessly buy and sell real estate. Undoubtedly, a number of investors consider real estate investments as unchartered territory. The main reason is its volatile nature; however, it need not be avoided. On the contrary, if invested properly, real estate proves to be a lucrative as well as a reliable way to generate substantial returns. In addition to this, it has a significant potential to generate consistent income stream while supplementing your portfolio with added benefits such as portfolio diversification, tax benefits, and appreciation potential. We understand the busy schedule you have. That is why we offer our Platinum Property Transfer System, which permits you to defer the questions of the loan officer, realtor, and third parties to us as your single point of contact.

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An Insight into John M. Crane Practice Areas

Let us have a look at the practice areas in detail and their utility in your daily chores of life. The following are the important areas through which John M. Crane, New York real estate attorney, helps its clientele:

  • Real Estate
  • Business Transactions
  • Civil Litigation
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Probate

Real Estate

The term real property and real estate are used interchangeably. It comprises of land that includes immovable structures like buildings, houses, bushes, trees, and minerals permanently affixed to the land. In addition to this, it also encompasses interests, benefits, and rights that are legally considered attached to the real property, which includes certain rights to the air above the land, to drill in the ground beneath it, rights to live on the property for a specific timeframe, and to acquire the real property in the future.

Undoubtedly, real estate deals with a variety of related issues such as sale and purchase of real estate, transfers of real estate, legal aspects of the rental property, landlord issues, title to real property, settlement claims against property rights, property development, zoning, and land use. In addition to this, issues related to agriculture, home loans, foreclosures, and various other relevant topics. There is no denying that real estate is a complex practice area, which is further complicated by the significant inconsistency in the laws throughout different cities and states. In such a situation, having a skilled New York real estate attorney by your side can prove fruitful in amicably handling the issues in court when threatened with foreclosure.

Business Transactions

Business transactions are very complex in nature. Fulfillment of business legalities is a painstaking process and calls for the assistance of an experienced attorney who can guide you throughout the process. However, in the event of the death of a relative or a close family member, the court appoints the administrator on the assets left by the deceased, so that the person entitled to inherit these assets can take over at the due course of time. For that, our concierge service is the apt choice for you to help you through the administration process by leaving all of your legal responsibilities to us. However, the administration process is highly organized and supervised by the courts to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled as per their desire. To do this smoothly, you need to have an experienced New York real estate attorney by your side who can help you with the administration process.

Civil Litigation

The term civil litigation is defined as when two or more parties became entangled in a legal dispute and seek monetary compensation for the settlement of the dispute rather than criminal sanction. The cases encompass civil litigation includes residential and commercial properties, nonpayment of common charges, breach of contract, and foreclosure of a cooperative apartment. Hence, to solve all these issues amicably and efficiently, an experienced New York real estate attorney by your side is imperative, who can follow all the updated case leads and come up with a strong defensive strategy.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure can be defined as a home belonging to a bank that used to belong to a homeowner. There are millions of people who are in the foreclosure process, starting to fight back against this occurrence through stalling the foreclosure proceedings. This legal strategy to fight back is known as foreclosure defense. However, in order to succeed in this process, an experienced and highly skilled New York real estate attorney is needed, who knows how the mortgage industry works.


Probate is the legal way in which an estate gets settled under the guidelines of the concerned city court. The court appoints an administrator, who is usually a surviving spouse or an adult child, if there is no will. The appointed person is also known as executor or administrator and has the legal authority to gather or value the assets owned by the estate to pay bills and taxes. In addition to this, he or she distributes the assets to the heirs or beneficiaries as per the will.

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Why Choose John M. Crane – Real Estate Attorney in Greenwich Village

John M. Crane helps his clients in establishing a plan which protects their assets when they are alive, and with real estate issues, civil litigation, and foreclosure defense. Estate planning, as well as real estate, is a painstaking process, and so are the state and federal laws which govern it. In such a scenario, it is advisable to hire a skilled New York Real Estate Attorney who will ensure that your plans meet all legal requirements.

Hiring a New York Real Estate Attorney can help you in formulating a legal documents regarding estate planning, trust administration, probate, civil litigation, business transactions, real estate contracts, and matters associated with them. It helps you in managing your real estate planning affairs and looking out for the well-being of your loved ones, even if death should part you from them.

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We remove the stress and time requirements typically required of individuals that are purchasing or selling real estate. After 25+ years and over 2,000 closings, we understand the process of a real estate transaction. Since it is a process, we have developed systems and procedures and utilize a team approach to enable our clients to have minimal involvement, but still be kept informed. Read more

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