We are very sorry for your loss. If you had a friend or relative die without having a will, someone will have to be appointed as the administrator. The administrator is the person appointed by the court to determine which assets were left, the person or persons entitled to inherit these assets, as well as the expenses that have to be paid before assets can be distributed.

Our concierge service is ideal to help you through the administration process by eliminating your anxiety over court documents and the question, “what do I do next?”. We will assist you with all of your legal responsibilities, every step of the way, so that you wind up their affairs in an organized, calm, and dignified manner. We have helped many clients list homes for sale with a Realtor, donate clothes and furniture to charities of choice, and simply put, focus on the pleasant memories of their loved ones, not on the tremendous burden of weaving your way through the court system and the removal of cartons and cartons of personal belongings.

The administration process is highly structured and supervised by the courts to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled and that everything is done honestly and ethically. The court is concerned about administrators and attorneys that might take advantage of this opportunity by stealing from surviving relatives that are entitled to their lawful share or distribution. So long as everything is done honestly and properly, we will not have to worry about long drawn out court hearings. Your personal concierge will keep you fully informed every step of the way, assisting you with the legal process, as well as with the healing process. John has lost both his parents, as well a close family relative when he was still young, so the experience of death and healing is very close to his heart.

Because every person is different, everything that remains when a person departs is also unique. There is no checklist that can be used for each situation. However, John’s structured process identifies all of the assets and liabilities, accounts for all of the heirs, and basically implements a system to peacefully transition the estate through the administration process so that your healing can continue with minimal stress.

Our process includes a completely private and non-inquisitive initial assessment meeting. At this meeting, done on the telephone for those located in other states, we will patiently and gently address your concerns, as well as provide an overview of the probate process and how our concierge practice can alleviate your stress during this time. There is no stress permitted at this meeting, and you will not be asked to sign any documents or pay any fee should you decide not to work with us. Because John lost both his parents, he understands and offers this meeting as a way to assure others that they are not alone. Please feel free to call and speak with John for a calming voice during this trying time.

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