We are a law firm that focuses on real estate transactions. We enable busy professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best and provide them with a way to effortlessly buy and sell real estate. By entrusting the entire process to us, you eliminate all of the things typically required of a buyer or seller that cause most people stress! Our process allows clients to minimize their involvement and enables them to use this time saved to engage in more profitable activities without the fear of missed deadlines.

Unlike most firms, we do not just handle the transaction at hand. As part of our Platinum Property Transfer System, we conduct a Strategy Analysis on each file. This analysis helps us ensure that any special concerns you might have are addressed and that, if you desire, we function as part of a team with your financial advisor and/or CPA so that we analyze the tax, estate, and investment consequences of this transaction. We can do this in a way that enables you to entrust the entire process to us, thereby saving you time that you can better use for your own career.

Many of our past clients have found that our service enables them to earn much more than they pay us as a legal fee. Our Platinum Property Transfer System permits you to defer the questions of the Realtor, Loan Officer, and other third parties to us, as your single point of contact. We then communicate with you, in the manner you choose, on a regular basis as you may direct. If you want updates every time something happens, we provide instantaneous updates in a manner that you direct. If you prefer a summary at the end of each business day, we will provide a daily summary.

Unlike the smaller firms that use paralegals or receptionists to shield their attorneys from clients, we welcome interaction. Simply put, we provide the customer service of your favorite fine dining restaurant, along with our legal expertise. Your personal concierge will be able to provide you with status updates, upcoming deadlines, current open items, and also answer just about any other non-legal question about your transaction.

Unlike the large firms, you will know each person in our firm personally. In addition to your attorney, we assign a personal concierge to each client. We are the perfect choice for busy professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, you are able to communicate with John at any time you desire through email, text messaging, or a telephone call to his cell phone.

Why Are We Different

We are different because John Crane knows what it is like to hire an unresponsive attorney that doesn’t care. As John tells it, “I purchased my first home in my second year of law school. I still remember watching the faces of the bank and seller’s attorneys as my attorney walked in forty-five minutes late and completely unprepared. I also remember the attorney handing me a pile of unorganized papers at the end and saying ‘this is your closing package’. I was a victim of a shoddy attorney and I remember how that felt. I had never used an attorney before, my attorney had a low price and so I learned two things that day; first how to never treat a client, and second, you do get what you pay for!”

What Clients Are We Right For

If you are buying or selling a building less than fifty units, we are right for you! Generally, we help clients buy or sell cooperative and condominium apartments, single family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial or mixed-use buildings less than fifty units. Our clients understand shortly after meeting us that the largest financial transaction in most people’s lives is really just another process. More importantly, we show our clients that because it is just a process, we are able to break it down into manageable steps. If you are the type that wants to be involved and come to a closing, you can be involved every step of the way with us by your side.

We are perfect for the client that is busy and does not want to be bothered with the details of a real estate transaction. Investors that enjoy being able to sign a power of attorney and let us “handle everything” for them, love working with us. We regularly represent doctors and other attorneys that do not want to worry about “missing something”.

Within the last year, we have represented a personal injury attorney (for the third time), a patent and trademark attorney, and a criminal attorney in the purchase or sale of their homes. We also frequently work with people from various countries that are buying or selling New York City real estate. Whether a single condominium or a mixed-use commercial building, we work with foreign investors, their CPA’s and their financial advisors to address tax issues before a contract is ever signed.

We enjoy coming back from the closing and sending a bank wire to our busy clients after the sale of their property. Our clients are always happy to receive million dollar bank deposits without ever having to come to the closing! We also enjoy watching our clients that desire to come to a closing walk out of the closing smiling because the process was smooth and enjoyable.

Helping clients that appreciate a premium level of service brings us great joy! Our professional staff appreciates the time constraints placed upon busy professionals and business owners. We are able to serve you in a way that enables you to achieve more, while at the same time proceeding towards completing your real estate transaction without the stress and confusion so often encountered by many individuals.

What Clients Are Not the Right Fit

We believe that every individual could benefit from our customer service and legal expertise. However, we are not right for the individual that does not understand that an attorney provides both legal skill and customer service. If all a client wants is the lowest price, we will not provide the minimal customer service that would allow us to offer the “lowest price”.

Our service is at a premium level and enables busy professionals and entrepreneurs to focus on their business or careers, often earning many times more than they pay us as a legal fee. Our clients entrust their real estate transaction to our care, yet receive regular updates in a manner and frequency that they select. We are not the right fit for clients that do not need the experience of an attorney whose practice is focused on real estate, that has personally handled over 2,000 closings, and does not dabble in real estate like the criminal attorney down the block or the bankruptcy attorney on the corner.

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