Our process simply addresses everything. Some people do not have time to worry about anything outside of their own work. For those clients, we have the Platinum Property Transfer System. Whether buying or selling, our platinum system lets you minimize your involvement. You get to focus on your career and your family, while entrusting the entire process to us. We take all of the stress away and enable you to achieve your real estate goals while also giving you back countless hours of time that many people spend dealing with loan officers, Realtors, and other third parties to the transaction.

The Platinum Property Transfer System begins with our Strategic Analysis Interview. This is a brief interview between John and yourself where John gives you an overview of our process, as well as answers any questions you might have. Most importantly, this analysis enables John to uncover potential unaddressed areas of concern.

For example, John has enabled a woman selling a two-family home to purchase a subsequent investment property and employ a tax deferment strategy simply by asking about her need for approximately $750,000 in profit. Likewise, John has used this opportunity to help a gentleman in a particularly dangerous career to engage in asset protection planning and place the property in a trust at the time of closing. Because John does not do Trusts & Estates, or financial planning, or tax law, you can trust his advice to be untainted by personal profit motives. Rather, John works with your other professionals to ensure that your planned transaction is addressed in a holistic manner so that taxes are minimized, asset protection concerns are addressed, and your estate planning requirements are considered before a problem arises.

Our platinum system also utilizes our Pre-Contract Verification Process to ensure that all of your understandings are correct before you sign the contract. By performing our due diligence, as well as ensuring that all deadlines, terms, and contingencies stated in the Contract are exactly what you agreed to, we permit you to feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you agreed to. You can then proceed to sign the contract with peace of mind that all contingencies and terms have been addressed and that you fully understand the Contract and the terms.

Once the contract is signed, we enter all deadlines in our Cross-Platform Deadline System, which is simply a utilization of two different software programs to ensure that all deadlines are entered into two separate computer programs…just in case! Likewise, we then commence work to proceed towards the closing, using our Property Transfer Procedures to ensure that no matter what type of property, nothing falls through the cracks.

For those clients that do not require this level of customer service, we have our Gold Transfer System. This system provides the same legal skill and expertise, and is perfect for clients that prefer to “run around” and be personally engaged in the entire process.

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