Your primary duty, if named a patient advocate, is to work with that person’s medical team, which is typically the doctor, in making sure that the patient’s desires are respected.

What Are The Duties Of A Trustee Of A Revocable Trust?

Generally, the duties of a trustee are to implement and supervise the trust agreement, so that the person who set up the trust’s desires are achieved by the trust itself. The trustee would open or close accounts. They may sell property for the benefit of someone who turned 21, if that’s what the trust agreement said to do.

What Are My Duties If I Am Named An Agent Of A Durable Power Of Attorney?

If you are named agent, you are acting in place of the person who gave you power of attorney. In a real estate purchase, you would act in their place to go to the closing and sign all necessary documents to achieve the desires of the principal who appointed you. If it was an elderly person who wanted to make sure that, if they were incapacitated, their bills were paid, the agent could open a bank account or be able to have themselves added as a signatory to a current bank account to pay the bills.

What Is The Personal Representative In A Will?

A personal representative would work with the probate attorney to settle the estate and the affairs of the person who has passed away. They would gather whatever assets or information they have and give it to the attorney so that any real estate could be listed and sold, if need be. Any personal bequests would be carried out. Once everything is carried out, they would provide an accounting, so that everyone who had any interest in the estate would be able to know that they got everything they were entitled to.

Additional Information On Administration

If a person dies without a will, someone has to be appointed as the administrator. Typically, it’s a family member. We’re able to give them a checklist of what we need and take them through the administration process without unnecessary delay. We prepare the initial documents and make it so that the client doesn’t have to go to court unless for some reason, they and their family members are fighting. If all family members agree on who the administrator will be, it’s a pretty streamlined process.

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